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As per definition, freedom is an unstable condition and not in the least a matter of course. It is being eroded from the edges (political and religious extremists, terrorists). We are deeming the current social, cultural and security policy challenges “attempts to erode freedom”, to the recognition of which us Jews are and have always been very sensitive.

The best protection against loss of freedom is by way of strong values present within the social conscience. On the one hand they immunize against extremism and on the other they are providing a society with the very internal connection and support it requires, in order to strongly oppose external attempts of erosion.

We Jewish Germans are considering ourselves bearers of values of freedom and democracy and as part of the German and European community of responsibilities. We have clear expectations from the state: It is its duty to turn values into rules and not to waive its right to implement law and legislation in all consequence out of misconceived tolerance.

As a civic Jewish voice in Germany, the WerteInitiative is advocating the protection and strengthening of a free and democratic basic order. In light of the resignation and disenchantment with politics/politicians in parts of the population during the recent years we are introducing our opinion as a part relevant for the consensus-building within society and are contributing a constructive and at times advisory share as Jewish citizens of our country.

Since the year 2014 we have been conducting background discussions with members of the German Bundestag and other decision-makers, publishing statements and conducting discussion groups. This way we are pairing politics, civic matters and Jewish-German engagement directly.

The WerteInitiative is intervening as a civic voice of Jewish Germans! Having said that, we are not concerned with particular interests but rather with matters and issues which are essential and relevant for the public welfare within a democracy.

We filed a criminal complaint against an anti-Semitic hate-site

The WerteInitiative has set a criminal complaint against the operator of the website “”. The network-enforcement law falls short.

The WerteInitiative – jewish-german positions has filed a criminal complaint against the operator of the hate-website “”

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21.02.2019 Activity & Public

Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook said, he wouldn't delete postings that deny the Holocaust

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,we are a Jewish-German non-profit organization acting as a civil Jewish voice in German federal politics and society. Having read about your code of conduct in regard to postings that deny the Holocaust, it is important for us to emphasize three aspects:1. We ...

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20.07.2018 Activity & Public

A Jewish position on the elections of the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament)

These are our political positions, presented to all parties in the parliament

  1.     Free and democratic “Leitkultur” The values which decisively shaped the German Basic Law (constitution equivalent), the traditions and conventionalities are Judaeo-Christian and have led to a free and democratic guiding culture. Everyone living here, who accepts this guiding ...

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10.05.2017 Activity & Public



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