We filed a criminal complaint against an anti-Semitic hate-site

The WerteInitiative has set a criminal complaint against the operator of the website “www.judas.watch”. The network-enforcement law falls short.


The WerteInitiative – jewish-german positions has filed a criminal complaint against the operator of the website “www.judas.watch”. We have informed and been in consultation with the federal commissioner for combatting antisemitism, Dr. Felix Klein, and the anti-Semitism commissioner at the Prosecutor’s Office Berlin, Claudia Vanoni, who are also involved in this case. We also handed over our detailed research files to the prosecutor.

During our political work we were made aware of the website “www.judas.watch.” In their own words, the purpose of the website is to name “anti-white traitors, agitators and subversives” by name and entertain a kind of public database on them. The listed persons are sorted by field of activity and country.

The site is also explicitly anti-Semitic, because it wants to show the “Jewish influence” in the world. It names Jews by name and marks them with a yellow star of David in front of their name. The website lists activities as well as alleged or actual relations of the individual persons and organizations among each other and wants to show thus, how much influence Jews would allegedly have behind the scenes- also in Germany.

A site like this poses a direct threat with incalculable consequences for all named persons – but especially for the specially marked Jews. In its entirety it would fulfil the offense of sedition (acc. to German Law).

In addition to the criminal complaints of individually affected Jewish Germans (some of those named on the website), the “WerteInitiative”, being a civic association of Jewish Germans with a wider outreach into the Jewish Community, wants its complaint to reach an additional, institutionalised weight to the concerns. We want the page to be blocked – at least in Germany, and the operators prosecuted, if possible.

Furthermore, after many months of gaining experiences with the German “Network Enforcement Act”, we find that it has to be revised and supplemented. We are not only concerned with the individuals affected by hatred and hate speech, but we also need to, from a Jewish perspective,  make our coexistence more secure for the general public and to clearly counter forces that are disrupting our society.




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