Jewish News Service in regard to 19.12.2017


“German politicians were careful to say the right words and honor the victims,” Adler said. “They don’t have a defiant kind of attitude that you would find in Israel. It’s more about, ‘We have this burden to carry and we’ll carry it.’”

While the government officials spoke of mistakes that were made, with Berlin Mayor Michael Müller asking for “forgiveness” for the oversights that enabled the 2016 attack, Adler would like to see these words backed by action. He is also uncertain how the government will crack down on the aggressive anti-Israel protests throughout Germany in response to President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

“They are not prepared for Islamist protests just like they were not prepared for Islamic terror,” Adler said, though he and other Jewish community leaders and commentators are acknowledging that they have seen some improvement in official responses to the recent protests.