The Association

Photography by Ananda Rieber /

The “ValuesInitiative” is a political and non-profit association that has established itself as a voice of the Jewish society in Germany for several years.

We are committed to strengthening the values ​​of the liberal-democratic constitution from a Jewish perspective. We do this by promoting value-based political, social and media discourse, civic-Jewish engagement in Germany and supporting German-Israeli relations.

The focus of our activities is in the areas of internal security, integration, prevention of extremism, fight against anti-semitism and xenophobia.

As part of our work, we conduct background discussions with members of the Bundestag, other politicians and socially relevant actors, make public statements and recommendations, are active in social media on a daily basis, and hold panel discussions and political salons. We are also creating a network based on political education to strengthen democracy, for sustainable civic engagement of young and old, and for interreligious exchange.