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Photography by Ananda Rieber / www.Ananda-Rieber.de


Be informed of our work against hate and for a strond and democratic society

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Photography by Ananda Rieber / www.Ananda-Rieber.de

Who we are

Let´s introduce ourselves, ort board and our work

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Basic concept

The basis of our work

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Let´s join forces. How can you support the wok of the ValuesInitaitive
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Germany is changing.

Radical forces from different sides are trying to divide our society.
We Jewish citizens are feeling this particularly strongly.

Conspiracy theories, exclusion and openly displayed hatred against minorities has unfortunately become part of everyday life.

Therefore, together we are taking initiative against discrimination, racism, extremism and anti-Semitism.
The WerteInitiative – ValuesInitiative –  is a Jewish NGO that especially aims to secure the Jewish future in Germany.
We wish for a peaceful, social coexistence based on respect, human dignity and freedom. Our demand: Nobody in Germany should have to live in fear!
The prerequisites for this are mutual respect, valuing of human dignity and domestic security. Such a society also needs an appropriate foundation: a strong, defensive democracy.

The WerteInitiative provides input for political decision makers and societal players:
It needs someone like us to deepen the direct dialogue between the Jewish population and politics. We point out social grievances and offer suggestions.

On this website we are giving you insight to our work and presenting you with options to support WerteInitiative.

Imagevideo 2020: What drives us.

Video: Ananda-Rieber | Voice: Manfred Lehmann

Jewish citizens engage for a united population in a free and democratic society.


The freedom of the individual is by definition an unstable state and not at all a matter of course. Freedom of opinion, freedom to practice religion, freedom of movement, choice and life, we as a society unfortunately do not value and protect these rights sufficiently. First and foremost political extremists, racists and terrorists, but increasingly also citizens from the “midst” of society are compromising our peaceful living together, especially when they let themselves to be influenced by populism, fake news and the simplification of complex contexts. What to do about it? We believe that values that are present in society’s consciousness are the best protection against such forces. On the one hand, they increase resistance to extremism and, on the other hand, provide society with the necessary inner connection. A society which is aware of the importance of human rights and democracy becomes immune against extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.


Wir jüdische Deutsche sehen wir uns als Träger freiheitlich-demokratischer Werte und zudem auch als Teil der deutschen und europäischen Verantwortungsgemeinschaft. Als eine zivilgesellschaftliche jüdische Stimme in Deutschland setzt sich die WerteInitiative – jüdisch-deutsche Positionen für die Sicherung und Stärkung der freiheitlich-demokratischen Grundordnung ein.

Seit 2014 führen wir aktiv Gespräche mit Mitgliedern des Deutschen Bundestages und anderen Entscheidungsträgern, veröffentlichen Stellungnahmen und veranstalten Gesprächskreise. Dabei geht es uns nicht um Partikularinteressen, sondern um Anliegen und Themen, die für das Allgemeinwohl in einer Demokratie essentiell und relevant sind.