We are Jewish citizens who are carefully following the social and political developments and believe it is necessary to actively introduce the Jewish voice into the discussion on the joint interaction.

For the purpose of strengthening values of freedom and democracy we are working on promoting an understanding of values which is non-partisan, trans-institutional and interreligious and to establish Israel as partner of such a community of values.

We filed a criminal complaint against an anti-Semitic hate-site

The WerteInitiative has set a criminal complaint against the operator of the website “www.judas.watch”. The network-enforcement law falls short.

The WerteInitiative – jewish-german positions has filed a criminal complaint against the operator of the hate-website “www.judas.watch”

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21.02.2019 Activity & Public

Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook said, he wouldn't delete postings that deny the Holocaust

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,we are a Jewish-German non-profit organization acting as a civil Jewish voice in German federal politics and society. Having read about your code of conduct in regard to postings that deny the Holocaust, it is important for us to emphasize three aspects:1. We ...

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20.07.2018 Activity & Public

Jerusalem Post: German jews urge dismissal of ‘antisemitic’ head of Ramallah office

In May, the head of the Green Party in the Bundestag, Kathrin Göring-Eckardt, called for more decisive action against antisemitism.

A prominent German Jewish organization – Values Initiative – called on Friday for the German Green Party’s think tank to discharge the head of its Ramallah-based office because she allegedly spreads contemporary antisemitism and defends Palestinian terrorism against the Jewish state

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18.06.2018 Presse & Öffentlichkeit

Jewish News Service in regard to 19.12.2017

“German politicians were careful to say the right words and honor the victims,” Adler said. “They don’t have a defiant kind of attitude that you would find in Israel. It’s more about, ‘We have this burden to carry and we’ll carry it.’”While the government officials spoke of ...

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19.12.2017 Presse & Öffentlichkeit

A Jewish position on the elections of the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament)

These are our political positions, presented to all parties in the parliament

  1.     Free and democratic “Leitkultur” The values which decisively shaped the German Basic Law (constitution equivalent), the traditions and conventionalities are Judaeo-Christian and have led to a free and democratic guiding culture. Everyone living here, who accepts this guiding ...

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10.05.2017 Activity & Public



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